Action Weaving

Second weekend of september saw me at the Into the Great Wide Open festival. Into – certainly, Great – for sure, Wide Open – well, we were situated in a lovely small wood full of fresh-smelling pine trees. Not wide open, more of a canopy feeling. All our material had arrived in time – give thanks for small miracles – and setting up was easy-peasy. Did three days of Action Weaving and drew an enthousiastic crowd. I provided the materials, the kids and grownups did the weaving. The result was phenomenal!  A giant spiderweb-tent-like structure that became a capital place for climbing, swinging and playing tag. More about Action Weaving under the ‘experiment no. 1’  heading on my weblog.

I also managed to meet with one of my idols: Esther Polak. She did Amsterdam Real Time, which I love to bits, and was at IGWO to do a Spiral Drawing Sunrise – again, love it to bits. Very inspiring!