New venture

Started managing a project for V2_institute in Rotterdam. The STARTS4Water project is a European initiative under the S+T+Arts umbrella [here]. V2_, lovingly styled ‘Lab for the Unstable Media” is an interdisciplinary center for art and media technology in Rotterdam. They sit at the interface of art, technology and society – what’s not to like? I’ve long admired them from a distance, and the opportunity to work with them on the Dutch part of STARTS4Water is exiting. Above find my brand-new entry on the V2_ website.

Being asked for text and image for the V2_ site I decided it was more than time to add the grey hair to my public profile – up until now I made do with an image from three years ago – so V2_ got a scoop. I immediately changed my profile picture on all the online platforms that I am on, so if you encounter me somewhere on the ‘net: this is the new me.